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Accurate and reliable Verson and Danly mechanical presses


Enprotech’s Verson and Danly mechanical presses provide you turnkey efficiency for a complete stamping system.

Progressive die presses

Progressive die pressLong-bed progressive die presses are ideal for high-volume, large-part applications with shallow to moderate draw depths. Verson progressive die presses, available with two- and four-point suspensions, are designed with reduced deflection ratings to ensure high-quality part production and reduced tooling wear. (The LE4-1500 Ton Link Drive model shown is based on a proven, reliable design that has produced millions of automotive parts with minimal non-scheduled downtime.)

To increase productivity, our Verson Link Drive design provides reduced contact velocity with faster press cycle rates and significantly more forming capacity higher up in the press stroke.

Other options include dual rolling bolster systems with automatic die clamping for automatic die change. Verson Hydraulic Overloads have earned an unequaled reputation of dependability in the field, providing for maximum protection of press frame, drive and tooling from damage caused by accidental overloads.

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Tandem line presses

Tandem line pressDanly Q.D.C. presses and Verson tandem line presses meet your need for flexibility on the production floor where die movement during changeover is critical. Configuring your press with dual rolling bolster and Q.D.C. accessories can increase output by 50% or more.

Danly and Verson tandem lines are available with a conventional toggle or link motion double-action draw press. Single-action Link Drive lead-off presses with cushion options can perform the first position draw and increase line output by 30% over conventional tandem lines.

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Blanking presses

Blanking pressVerson big-bed blanking presses, in service in the appliance and automotive industries for decades, serve the needs of steel processors who demand extremely reliable presses designed specifically for high-speed, high-volume production of first operation blanks.

Verson blanking presses are available in a broad range of sizes for medium-duty, heavy-duty and extra-heavy-duty blanking applications. Our four-point eccentric geared blankers remain the industry standard. Selected models are available with Link Drive arrangements for smooth operation at high speeds with reduced contact velocity, vibration and noise.

email Contact us for more information on medium- and heavy-duty Verson and Danly blanking presses, or for more about our extra-heavy-duty blanking presses for blanking heavy-gauge and high-strength steels.

Transfer presses

Transfer pressVerson transfer press systems increase productivity and reduce manpower. The presses accomplish all stamping operations, from blank to finish, when you transfer a work-piece through multiple die stations with a Verson Electronic Transfer Feed System (ETF) synchronized with the press slide.

The more die operations required, the greater the productivity boost compared to multiple press room operations. Enhance productivity further with automatic die changeover using a dual rolling bolster system where individual die adjustments are accomplished outside the press working area. Dramatically reduce labor, since a single transfer press operator can perform multiple press functions. Virtually eliminate material handling between the intermediate steps, whether you are mass-producing parts from blanks or coil stock.

Verson transfer press systems:

  • Reduce floor space required to produce a part
  • Reduce your energy consumption compared with a conventional press room system
  • Simplify maintenance when equipped with a Diagnostic Center. The self-maintaining, fault-indicating safety system continuously monitors all press, part and feed functions, stops the press to prevent damage to equipment and tooling and displays the location of the fault.

Verson transfer press systems offer proven return on investment for any high-production part application that requires multiple die stations, including wheel spiders, transmission components, automotive structural components, washer and dryer tops and an ever-increasing range of parts.

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We also offer OEM replacement parts, including NSD parts and repair, and engineering upgrades and modifications of existing mechanical presses.

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